Smart access
Digital control

We let you open your doors, remotely.

The perfect solution
Co-Working Spaces
Business Centers
No more badges to manage.
Dramatically reduce costs and offer new services.
No more expensive reception
within your hotel.
Key delivery, smart, via smartphone.
With Sofia, your customers will enter directly
with their smartphones. Better service. Better experience.

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Easily introduce remote access control within your organization, across multiple locations.

Sofia helps you in case of high personnel turnover, guests traffic, or crowded spaces.

The smartphone is your key

Keys are associated with a smartphone that can be used by its owner only.

Set time restrictions

Access can be restricted to specific time slots and days, within a given timeframe.

Remotely analyze entrance logs

See when employees access your building and what are the mostly used rooms.

Group users and accesses

Manage multiple users with groups to distribute multiple keys with a single click.

Remotely program badges - too!

In case your customers are not ready to use their smartphones yet, we do also support the remote management of plain old badges!

No server required - ever!

We are citizens of the Cloud: you do not require to maintain any server in your premise!

Are you looking for APIs? You are in the right place

Easily bring smart locks and a flexible access control system into your business. Our APIs make it possible to integrate our cloud-based access control system to your existing business and product portfolio. With our APIs you can leverage your brand and use our technology to pass along the convenience of wireless access control and smart locks to your customers.

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No more mechanical keys.
Lower costs, simpler life. Sofia.

Sofia is a Milan-based company offering the most advanced and secure Smartphone-first, Cloud-based Access Control System.

In late 2015 we partnered with ISEO Serrature to introduce our revolutionary Smartphone-first, Cloud-based Access Control System, Jago.
Today, the result of the collaboration between Sofia and ISEO is available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, and Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Sofia secure?

Yes, Sofia is secure. Plus, it is more secure than most keycards and traditional keys. We use the same technology employed by banks to protect your on-line e-banking account. Moreover, fingerprints can be used to have even higher levels of security.

What happens if the power or the internet goes out?

Our locks are battery powered and they have local memory, they can work also without power and without an Internet connection. Moreover, standard, physical keys can be used as a backup option for emergency cases. You will always have a way to access your doors.

What smartphones are supported? And what if it is stolen?

We support both Android and iOS. Once a smartphone is authorized, it can be used to open doors. If a device is stolen, that device can be disabled along with the virtual keys within it. Can you do the same with your standard physical key?

Do I have to change all my doors?

No, Sofia can be deployed on existing doors. Using the hardware produced by our partner ISEO, existing doors can be adapted to become smart. Simple!

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