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Cloud-based access control system for the future of your business

Solutions for hotel, B&B, gyms, and local business

Security and flexibility with cloud based solutions

Smart hospitality

Sofia Locks cloud access control systems can be installed on any structure without complex interventions on doors and masonry. Managing dozens of rooms, even spread over several buildings, has never been easier. The security of a professional on-line access control without the laying of a single cable, and without the burden of maintaining a local server. Guests access the rooms with their smartphone, thanks to personal credentials valid only for the period of stay: freedom from physical keys.

Gyms: h24 and secure

Thanks to the cloud-based access control it is possible to manage gyms and sports facilities with 24h opening hours. The Sofia Locks advanced management system adapts to any need, giving the possibility to create credentials modeled on the preferred forms of subscription. Thanks to personal credentials athletes can securely access the gym at any time in, and enjoy of bookable resources such as smart lockers. Each accesses is registered by the system and the log is always available to the manager, who can revoke access at any time with a click.

Flexible and modern event centers

Simplify the management of large event spaces and galleries with cloud based access control. Thanks to the advanced control system it is possible to distribute the access credentials directly on the smartphone of the collaborators, without having to deliver keys or badges. All accesses are recorded in real time and available to the manager, who can authorize or revoke the access of one or more users with a simple click and with immediate effect. The Sofia Locks access control server can be integrated with any other software with extreme simplicity, providing all the functions for managing the gates in complete safety.

Powerful access control system

Complete APIs for access control

Jago is a complete cloud service to be integrate with any software. Jago let's you expand your software solutions to securely manage locks and doors, thanks to JagoCloud and the Jago SDK.

Empower your brand

Build your custom App with us for managing your spaces. Our developers team is ready to work with you for empowering your brand and developing your business.


Integrate your software with the cloud based access control system by Sofia Locks, let your business grow with a reliable and innovative partner

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