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Cloud-based access control system

The cutting edge technology in the security market

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Cloud-based access control

A professional access control system over cloud technology can control any amount of users, doors, and buildings without structure wiring, or complex hardware and software installation.

Sofia Locks has developed the most advanced access control system over cloud, designed for business. Our technology grants seamless installation and integration on any kind of structure. Our software provides advanced features for operations streamlining. Download the free white paper and learn about all the advantages of a simple installation for the higher security standards.

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Access control of the latest generation

Cloud technology allows you to control any number of smart locks, managing access with smartphones (mobile credentials), with RFID cards, and with PIN. Sofia Locks creates completely wireless, online, or hybrid cloud-based systems, all with real-time control of permits and access.

Cloud-based access control gets everywhere

Our cloud services are ready to be integrated with your software. Operate the smart locks with simple and secure APIs, create your own system.

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