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Access control system for smart coworkings

Innovative coworking designing with access control system supporting badges and smartphones

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Cloud-based access control systems are the single solution for modern coworkings and sharing economy businesses.

To run a coworking involves caring for customers’ satisfaction, keeping the business sound, and taking care of security. The market is mature, consisting of customers that are used to comprehensive services responding to agile working and to an informal context. A coworking business is primary made of its own spaces, how they are accessible to users and with which services connected. An access control system of the last generation makes the difference here, by remodelling a coworking space in a true smart space. New business opportunities can be developed, while security and cost cutting are guaranteed.

A successful business is soon in need of managing several buildings, even far apart from each other. Thus is mandatory to get the right solution that comes able to grow with the business itself: from startup to enterprise.

4 key features for designing a coworking

A place for working, but also a place that fosters connection among different professional realities, a place for learning and sharing: to be all of this and more a coworking must have some key features.

  1. Ease of access: users shall access to spaces and get services in the easiest possible way;
  2. Agile management: promptly and seamlessly respond to the many users’ needs;
  3. Time flexibility: users shall feel free and at home so to build a stable and satisfied customer base;
  4. Cutting edge services: the coworking is the preferred environment by modern professional figures, who are accustomed to use the smartphone to access the services of their interest whenever they want to;

Access control for coworking

A control access system designed for coworking shall include a list of convenient features

  1. Support several access methods, from traditional badges to virtual ones, into the smartphone;
  2. Provide a complete management interface, that includes granular control over users and permissions;
  3. A design tailored over coworkings’ needs, that includes resources management besides spaces one, easily building subscriptions and renting models for access and workstations;
  4. Provide high security, keeping a comprehensive log of access events, and allowing managers to change permissions in real time and with immediate result;

Cutting edge access control system supports virtual badges operating via users’ smartphones

An innovative coworking

Shared spaces for professional figures and companies are not a novelty anymore, nowadays coworkings are living a mature age. What differentiates one business from the other is offered services quality and quantity, and only those leaning on innovation can keep the leadership.

Access the coworking using a smartphone

Advanced access control systems include virtual badges that are located into users’ personal devices. A simple App is enough to operate doors and other resources by providing personal credentials only. Users do not need badges or keys anymore, as their own smartphone are everything needed for accessing authorized areas. Moreover virtual badges offer a number of advanced functionalities such as booking of rooms and resources, and personal scheduling management. Thus users can provide for themselves for many services, discharging the coworking personnel and experiencing a true smart interaction.

Badge, smartphone and PIN, one single system with flexible management

Rules flexibility really makes the difference in the selection of an access control system. Any business model is based on its own selling methods, e.g. by subscription or per use. To shape access rules to the point that exactly fits the service a user purchased is the real key for a smart business. For example:

  • Grant permission for limited time spans
  • Limit what group of resources are available according to user’s subscription
  • Define what areas the user is allowed to access, where is he banned, and those that he can traverse to other areas

Last generation cloud solutions provide a much higher rate of security compared to traditional systems

How to manage a coworking

What is the best way to successfully manage an innovative business, populated by a great variety of professional figures? People that may need just a coffee table and a coffee cup, as well as a whole meeting room for an event with a hundred guests?

Be always connected with cloud solutions

All the services we access from our devices are always available, 24h and wherever we are. Cloud access control system grant the exact same availability to coworking and sharing economy managers. They can do control actions such as intervene over users’ permissions, or control access logs from any device, anywhere, via the manager interface.. Moreover cloud solutions are designed to grow at scale according to business growth, we will shortly get to how many different buildings far apart from each other can be managed from a single pannel.

Plugins for an even better access control system

A cutting edge software must grow with the company by offering new features that respond to business needs, to open new business lines and revenue streams. Plugins can add a potentially infinite number of functions, such as usage analytics for spaces and resources. Evaluating business data in real time is one of the many features that can be game changing in service offering, a reactive supply chain, and price modelling.

The right access control system

Every coworking project may have its own design, and the tools to its support and management shall be selected with care. The right access control system needs to have appropriate costs, to ease processes, and to be ready to scale.

Costs and installation

A traditional access control system requires considerable spending to be put in place: for having a secure environment activities like on premise server installation, or locks and doors wiring are mandatory for such solutions. Cloud access control system overtake similar difficulties. Cloud solution mostly doesn’t involve any structural intervention on buildings: smart but complete solutions are put in place without any cable, or wire-free. The only hardware needed are the smart locks, that can be fixed to any door as easy as any traditional lock.

Get the highest security standards

Last generation solutions offer a higher security degree compared to traditional ones. Sofia Locks systems have built-in financial standards for secrets and token management, besides also being fully compliant with GDPR regulations. We provide automatic updates to our customers, thus relieving them from system maintenance.

From StartUp to enterprise, cloud access control

The seamless installation process of a cloud solution is much more evident right when the business starts to grow and needs to include more spaces under its control. The hardware and the software do not need to be altered, the same control panel is able to control one, two, or several buildings provided with smart locks. The setting up of new spaces is going to be carried out with the same ease that has been experienced for the first one.

Sofia Locks access control solutions

Today Sofia Locks distributes its solution in more than 15 countries worldwide. Among our customers we also count a coworking network with presence all across Europe. More than 8000 users interact with our system everyday for accessing, managing, and booking rooms and resources, in a fully secure way.

A modern software solution needs to grow with the company, also by including new features developed starting from the business needs

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