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Too much keys to manage or logistic issues? Sofia, simplify operations with smartphones and smartlocks.

Solution for Event Centers

What you get

Formidable security

No more possibility to duplicate keys. If needed, instantly deactivate your guest keys and credentials remotely.

Huge cost reduction

No more key delivery costs nor time consuming procedures when keys are lost.

Remote cloud management for smartlocks

Control, give and revoke access remotely without the need of being physically present.

Keep accesses under control

Thanks to Luckey you will always keep an eye on your cusotomer's accesses [log]: both when they enter and when they leave their room. Having all the information means being able to offer them the best experience as possible.

Video Tutorial

Take a look inside Luckey

Luckey is a cloud based access control system viable through both smart-phone and desktop.
Thanks to our smart locks, Luckey will let your customers access into their rooms autonomously via smartphone. After having received the credentials, the customer has just to move his smart-phone closer in order to unlock the smartlock.

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