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Flexible and Secure Access Control

Ensure access without reception

Through the Web Luckey Manager application, the managers of the coworking spaces and offices can guarantee remote and secure access for their users and guests.

Management of "staggered" entrances

Ability to organize users into groups through the use of tags and to create specific credential rules for each group, differentiated by time in order to be able to define and form entry shifts for their customers, avoiding gatherings.

Reservation of entrances

Through the Luckey Manager Web application, managers of coworking spaces and offices will be able to determine a maximum daily limit of people admitted to the workplace.

Remote door opening

Through the Luckey Web application and Sofia Hypergate, Managers can open certain gates remotely downstream, for example, for recognition and identification of the guest thus maintaining a high level of security and flexibility.

Workstation reservations

Through the use of the Bookey plug-in, it is possible to define within Luckey some Desk type resources with which to associate one or more locks that define the path to be accessed. Guest users can therefore book their desks through the Luckey application before arriving at the office, and once they arrive, they will have access only to the locks leading to their desk. In this way, managers will be able to manage their open spaces in a very flexible way, organizing their workstations, limiting access to guests only with valid reservations and ensuring social distancing.

Booking meeting rooms without reception

By using the Bookey plug-in, it is possible to define within the Luckey meeting room type resources to which to associate one or more locks that define the path to access it. Users can book meeting rooms independently, directly from their application without having to go through the reception and limiting interactions and travel within the office.

Monitor and Control

Disable access in unsafe zones

Managers have the ability to disable access to the building or to certain areas in real time in the face of any emergencies or alleged such ensuring the safety of their users.

Report from users

Through the Luckey application, users will have the opportunity to send reports to the building managers to report violations of the rules or request the sanitization of certain spaces. In this way, a more direct communication is established between managers and customers, strengthening the sense of community and ensuring timely interventions in case of sanitary emergencies.

Sharing protocols and policies for the use of spaces

Within the Luckey Guest application you can access a section where all the rules and policies of mobility and use of the building are present, as well as advice on the hygiene of the work spaces and staff contacts.

Alerting users

Through the Luckey Manager Web application, managers can easily send urgent communications to their guests in the event of a medical emergency, for example.

Communicate and Connect

Real-time event display and user tracking

Through the Luckey Web application, managers can view in real time who accesses certain spaces or areas of the building, even remotely. In this way, not only do you have greater control of your spaces, but you can track users who have had access to a particular space in a certain period of time in the event of health emergencies.

Display access statistics

Through the Web Luckey Manager application, the managers of the coworking spaces and offices will be able to view statistics on the most crowded time slots and share this information with their guests.

People Counting with CISCO Meraki

Through the Luckey Web application, Managers have the possibility to natively integrate CISCO Mera cameras

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A professional access control system over cloud technology can control any amount of users, doors, and buildings without structure wiring, or complex hardware and software installation.

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