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Access Control for safety and security during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis

Sofia supports facility operators in managing their spaces and users in the COVID emergency, remotely and safely

Support for reshaping spaces, personnel management, production, offering, and more

To cope with the epidemic and to respond to safety regulations, more and more companies are looking to flexible models, which involve reshaping spaces, production, offering, and almost every face of the business itself

  1. Flexible and Secure Access Control
  2. Monitor and Control
  3. Communicate and connect
  4. Features for healt safety

Sofia Locks smart infrastructure

Best practices for epidemic crisis management

Prepare the spaces

Respond to hygienic protocols, grant users safety, support spaces reshaping

Real-time communication

Have a reliable network of instant communication with users and personnel

Access control

From reception to perimeter, security management is a critical activity for safety

The technology role

Cloud-native modern technology is the key for flexibility

Flexible and Secure Access Control

Easy to install and adapt

Sofia solutions are designed to be easy to configure, install and use both for new and existing spaces. Get ready-to-use spaces that respond to new COVID-19 safety protocols.

Ensure access without reception

Through our solutions, operators can guarantee remote and secure access to both collaborators and tenants. Managers can set a maximum daily limit of people admitted to a specific area or schedule accesses for specific group of users avoiding gatherings and queues.

Remote management of meeting rooms, open spaces and common areas

Desks and workstations can be reserved by users before arriving to their working place and access are granted only to those who have a valid reservation.

Monitor and Control

Access events and analytics

Managers and personnel can get insights into how crowded are their building, easily achieving social distancing control.

Data analytics for the Covid-19 emergency

Real-time data means to have a clear vision over what is happening at an exact moment, and to be able to make the right decision. Personnel can be easily informed over where their intervention is needed in case of emergency or lockdown. User in an emergency area can be easily tracked.

Strategic integrations

Thanks to seamless integration with technology partners like ISEO Serrature, Cisco, and others, Sofia is able to deliver highly functional solutions that enable solid business and new functionalities like remote door opening and people counting

Communicate and connect

All information in one place

Managers can create and update dedicated content on building access policies, hygiene and social distancing tips, and share them in real time with their workforce and customers over our users App.

Alerting and guests report

Managers can send specific alerts to any user or group of users. On the other hand, users can communicate to the building managers to report violations, request the sanitization of theirs spaces, or request new PPE.

Features for healt safety

An access control system that seamlessy integrates smart cameras and smartlocks for a safe management compliant to anti Covid-19 measures.

Secure integration with our partners

Social distancing

Mask detection

Contact tracing

Traffic & Hot zones

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Empower your brand

Build your custom App with us for managing your spaces. Our developers team is ready to work with you for empowering your brand and developing your business.


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A professional access control system over cloud technology can control any amount of users, doors, and buildings without structure wiring, or complex hardware and software installation.

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