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Hot desking and flexible working spaces

Integrate hot desking: support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Everything you need for a secure, safe, smart office

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For flexible offices and co-working

Hot desking is a workspace organization system that involves multiple workers who use a single physical location or area during different periods of time.

Users features

Easy access, booking, and scheduling

With Sofia Locks Bookey, users and employee can browse and book any kind of resource, from desks, to locker, to meeting rooms. The easy to browse interface present all the available resources with complete info about availability and characteristics. The booking process is fully self-service, with no hassle for the user.
The system automatically creates access rules for the user to get to the booked resource, without any further manager intervention.

Sofia Locks Hot Desking features
100% hot desking, enable smart use of resources
Sofia Locks Hot Desking features
Virtually any object or space can be managed as an available resource
Sofia Locks Hot Desking features
Provide any kind of service on demand, with simple and powerful access rules

Sofia Locks

For your business

Control buildings and resources, any time, from any place

For your company

Technology is changing the real estate market

Managers features

Manage your resources and grow your business with the analytics

An effective system to manage reservations within your spaces. From meeting rooms to general resources, the management process will become simpler, more dynamic, and safer.
Bookey provides a complete analytics panel for real-time business analysis, take your business to the next step.

  • Manage access to spaces and resources with simplicity and security
  • Offer a clear service to your users, with secure reservations and timetables
  • Check traffic in real time
  • Get fully costumizable analytics for business itelligence

Enterprise features

Hot desking

Support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Multi-site access control

Control any number of buldings and areas in real-time, from any device

Roles and permissions

Shape your access control system exactly like your business

NFC HyperTag

NFC powered handsfree interaction for every door

Cloud-based access control

How it works

Learn more about our cloud-based access control system

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A powerful, easy-to-use tool

Empower your business

From companies to co-workings, learn how Luckey can help your business

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