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Cloud access control for large sports facilities

Manage gyms and sports facilities accessible 24/7 with flexible subscriptions

Plug & play management system, safe and intelligent

Modern sport facilities

Sports facilities are now fundamental spaces in urban and extra-urban centers, and serve a stable demand for services to an increasingly demanding public. These structures can only be truly competitive with a high degree of flexibility, in terms of costs, accessibility and offer.

  1. Plug & play access control for any structure
  2. Sports 24/7, anywhere
  3. The smart gym, for subscribers and employees
  4. Access control for the future sport centers

Plug & play access control for any structure

Fittings are a key components for sports facilities and large gyms, the management of spaces makes the difference by defining the services that the structure is able to offer. A cloud control system does not set structural limits, adapting to any shape of the spaces and ensuring maximum security.

  • Control of turnstiles, gates, lockers, and more, with a single system
  • Immediate installation without complex work on masonry or doors
  • Compatibility and easy integration with other management software
  • Remote access control

Sports 24/7, anywhere

With cloud-based access control it is possible to offer sports facilities open all day, every day. The virtual keys, or mobile credentials, allow you to provide each customer with credentials, managed through the App and connected to the personal smartphone. Credentials allow access to structures according to rules defined by the manager, which can be changed in real time if necessary, and, at the same time, track all accesses. With the Sofia Locks control interface it is possible to define access rules suitable for any form of subscription and business model.

  • Get rid of the physical keys that must be copied, they can be lost, and they must pass from hand to hand
  • The credentials are personal, immediately active, and can be revoked at any time with a click
  • Keeps the log of the accesses in real time to maximize security

The smart gym, for subscribers and employees

Luckey by Sofia Locks, the professional access control system, offers two immediate advantages: the first is the possibility of creating credentials suitable for all types of subscription offered by the sports facility services; the second is the possibility of creating credentials for employees and collaborators, with specific access to facilitate their tasks (from courses management to cleaning of the facilities).

  • Personalized access rules for individual users, groups of users, collaborators, or according to any business model
  • A single control system with maximum versatility for the use of spaces
  • Remote and real-time control of access to facilities
  • Operation streamlining

Access control for the future sport centers

Luckey by Sofia Locks is the powerful and versatile management software for cloud access control.

  • Plug & play, compatible with any operating system, installs in a snap
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for users and managers
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Integrated access and resource management (e.g. staff lockers)

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