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Authorize your guests to access
with their smartphone. Remotely.

Solution for Hotels

No more expensive receptions, with a better service for your guests.

Huge cost reduction

Reduce effort in reception management. No more costs for lost badges or keys replacement.

Your doors to the cloud and beyond.

Bring the power of Sofia cloud to your electric doors quickly and easily. Enable remote control and remote key-delivery.

Formidable security

Real-time logs, no key nor badge duplicability issues. Your hotel will be a safer place.

Keep accesses under control

Thanks to Otello you will always keep an eye on your cusotomer's accesses [log]: both when they enter and when they leave their room. Having all the information means being able to offer them the best experience as possible.

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Take a look inside Otello

Otello is an app for Hotels, AirBnB e Bed & Breakfast which includes an innovative access control system that allows guests to enter into their room directly with their smartphone.

Thanks to our smart locks, Otello allows your customers to access their room directly through their smart-phone. After booking, your customers will receive a link via email, SMS or WhatsApp that will allow them to go directly to the room via the Otello app.

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