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Smart access control for offices

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Cloud-based control access systems are the cutting edge solutions for keeping your areas secure and cope with today work standards.

Let us consider some smart access control solutions for improving safety and cutting costs. Access control is a key asset that involves costs, flexibility and safety. To manage access of personnel is a complex but mandatory activity that demands investments for reliable software and specialized figures.

4 principles for smart management of company's spaces

What should you require to an access control system? A short list

  1. Company's safety: the primary objective is to have a safe office by easily managing permissions for employees and guests
  2. Easy interface: personnel access control and presence management must be easily accomplished, for avoiding misktakes and risks.
  3. Fair costs: access control is a fixed cost, advanced solutions working over badge and smartphone can cut these costs down not compromising on safety
  4. Innovative solutions: technology is changing every aspect of the daily work: web apps, smartphones, bluetooth and NFC. To design and dwell modern work spaces means to leave old standard behind and embrace next technologies

How to choose the right access control system

Many features need to be evaluated for choosing the right solution: from the control interface to the system flexibility, down to final user experience. Nevertheless we may list 4 main apects:

  1. Technology that grants safety and its durability;
  2. Ease of use of the solution and its flexibility
  3. Costs of the service, consts of implementation and of maintenance
  4. Improvements in everyday tasks

Smartphone, cloud and smartlocks are pillars of an access control system able to fit any kind of needs

What's new in access control systems

Technology is deeply changing everyday's life, starting from the smallest and most common tasks. To access the office may be a brand new experience, accordigly to safely grant access to employees and guests has become much easier and more convenient than before.

From badge to smartphone, bluetooth access control and NFC

The most common solution respondig to the need of a professional access control system is the one based on badges. Among those the most advanced ones allow granular management of credentials and live update of badges' permissions (e.g. immediatly banning a badge from opening a door). But the real game changer here is the company's badge on smartphone: an App that not only allows employees to access permitted spaces, but to reserve resources like meeting rooms, safety locks or any other tool. This new technology improves security by giving users an excellent and flexible solution. Office environments with more than 50 personnel units, coworking spaces, and big companies are progressively migrating toward such new technologies. Most advanced access control systems are offer integrated management for smartphone and traditional badges, allowing easy migration to new standards and offering complete solutions for safety management.

Cloud access control system, works like a charm

Cloud technology allows you to access your control services remotely and at any time through your personal account. Any internet connection is everything that is needed to get a fully functional access control panel, on a common browser or on smartphone. On premise servers aren't needed any longer. Advanced access control systems offer always available management panels to operate over spaces permissions at any time, just like we are used to do with our bank accounts.

Connected smartlocks

Smartlocks are the right hardware to be integrated with an advanced access control system that manages several access means (badges, smartphones, PINs, ...) with granular rules (personal permissions, dates and time plans, authorized paths inside the building, ...). But what makes smartlocks amazing devices is how they integrate to implement a wireless access control system. May it be a stand alone access control or system spread over several buildings with a single control panel, smartlocks allow easy and convenient installing, that 99% of times doesn't even need any work over doors or structures.

Smartlocks and cloud technology joined enable advanced control over company spaces and resources

Enterprise access control

Smartphone, cloud and smartlocks are pillars of an access control system able to fit any kind of needs, especially because it scales with great advantages in costs and operations. Here follow some of the cutting-edge solutions.

Distributed access control system

New technologies made wireless access control possible. Whole working environments can be managed without the involvement of any physical cable. Hybrid wireless and wired solutions are also still available. Moreover it doesn't matter how big the structure is, neither if buildings are distributed across different geographic areas. A single access control panel is able to manage several buildings even if located in different cities or countries, out of the box and without extra charge.

Access control gateway for top performances

Gateways improve the whole access control system, adding reliable technolgy solutions and providing users with a even more seamless experience. Such devices support and pilot several smartlocks while adding functionalities to the whole system. Sofia Locks develops gateway solutions for offices that provide an access interface to contextual information, control and interactive panels. Gateway solution contributes to presented solutions for providing an access control system with full functionalities and enhanced security.

Innovative offices

A modern control access system is a founding brick for designing modern and better working spaces.

A better working place for employees and collaborator

An interactive badge is a revolution for employees, in that it provides them with an up-to-date tool. Such badges can be updated in real time providing permissions only when and where is needed. Smartphone as badges, thanks to bluetooth technolgy, are interactive tools aligned to modern standards for companies and working best practices.

Space management for offices, and smartworking

Modern access control systems such as those developed by Sofia Locks can be expanded with modules dedicated to any given need. Bookey by Sofia Locks is a module for managing working spaces accordingly to personnel's needs. Bookey provides functionalities for reserving meeting rooms, or any other resource like projectors or cabinets. The module autonomously manages working spaces, optimizes usage plans, and detaches resources from booking in case of missing check-in.

Access log and real time data analytics

Smartlocks and cloud technology joined enable advanced control over company spaces and resources. Entrances are logged in real time, and can be reviewed by administrator at any time. Professional analytics over spaces and resources usage can be easily obtained by adding dedicated modules. Data analysis provides the manager with information over what spaces are used the most, at what time and by how many users, among others.

A modern control access system is a founding brick for designing modern and better working spaces

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