We list here all the ready-to-use solutions we provide to our customers.
These are all based on our Jago cloud platform. All provided as a serverless access control system service.

Luckey | Cloud-based Access Control System for long term rentals.

Luckey is a software for managing the door of your spaces remotely and directly from your iOS and Android Smartphone. Using JagoKey, you can send a virtual key to your guests from your smartphone, removing the need to give them an actual key to enter rooms.

Discover where Luckey can be used:

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Otello | Cloud-based Access Control System for short term rentals.

Otello is Cloud-based Access Control System app for short term rentals. Otello helps customer access spaces using their smartphones. Thanks to Otello, you can send a virtual key to your guests directly from your smartphone, removing the need to give them an actual key to enter their rooms.

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Technological Platforms

We provide here the cloud technological platforms
we offer to our integrators to develop their custom solutions.

Jago | The Access Control Cloud Engine

Jago is a cloud software you can integrate within your application to provide a ready-to-use access control feature. Enable your apps and solutions to securely manage spaces and buildings, thanks to JagoCloud and Jago SDK.

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Third Party Solutions

Our official Sofia integrators make a terrific job in creating new
solutions relying on our Jago core technology.
Here the complete list of our technologies.

Cloud API for Voice and Messaging

Tropo makes it simple to automate communications, connecting software to the phone network with both voice and messaging. Using consolidated web technologies you could exploit Tropo’s powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to your apps in order to open doors.

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Team messaging, video calling, content co-creation

Cisco pioneered unified communications to carry voice and video over data networks, reducing costs and simplifying operations. We developed a global conferencing cloud that synchronizes voice, video, and data.

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Manet Mobile | Technology for accommodation

Manet provides guests staying in accommodation such as hotels, bed & breakfasts and holiday homes with a smartphone. Unlimited international calls and 4G access are included. This will take away any issues with Internet connection and roaming costs. The phone can also be used to keep in touch with accommodation owners, who can share news, information and offers. You will be able to uncover untapped marketing opportunities.

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Smartlocks, Smartphones and Cloud

The perfect sinergy.

No more lost keys: thanks to Sofia and the ISEO hardware, you can instantly receive the key on your smartphone to enter your place.

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