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Ofelia Platform
smart hospitality
with remote control
and digital keychains

Smart Access Control System
on Secure Cloud

Access control for bed & breakfast and hotels
Take a look to the advantages of Otello digital keychains

Otello lets accommodation structures of any size take a leap forward into smart hospitality by unbounding welcoming from temporal and space constraints

Otello keys are convenient

Digital keys can't be lost or be copied: huge cut off on regular and extraordinary expenses

Otello keys are personal

Digital keys are assigned to the guest and expire at the end of the stay

Otello keys are managed

Digital keys are always under the host control and can be deactivated at any time

Otello keys are easy-to-use

Digital keys can be handed over over any mail or message service, reception is everywhere

Otello keys are confortable

Digital keys are always available in the guest's smartphone and provided with useful information

Otello keys are safe

Digital keychains are stored in the secure cloud and protected with finance standard security

A powerful management tool

Manage reservations and digital keychains everywhere and at any time, Otello Host is available on iOS, Android and any internet browser.

The manager tool offers a complete interface for easy management of guests, rooms and digital keychains over a convenient agenda view.

Guests interaction is logged live and presented to the host for constant remote control of the structure.

Manage reservations, rooms, guests and more

A complete agenda views for full management of rooms availability, guest arrival and departure, structure capacity, ...

Manage from everywhere professionally

A fully functional app for seamless remote management and an office dashboard available on any internet browser, no installation needed

The most simple guest experience

Thanks to Otello Guest the access to reserved room and areas is incredibly easy and convenient.

Guests receive their keychain directly on their personal smartphone, in association with all the useful information regarding their reservation.

Not only guests won't need to meet the host to get into the structure, keychains will automatically expire at the end of the stay: no need to return keys.

Guests always have their keys with them and they only need one touch on their phone to access their room.

How Otello works,
a short video

Wireless & Smart:
no hassle installation

An advanced access control system that takes care of everything on secure cloud, up and working in 10 minutes without complex installation procedure or invasive intervention

No complex system installation

Sofia solutions work over reliable secure cloud system

No invasive intervention

Our smartlocks does not need power connection and are very simple to set

No maintenance costs

Once installed Sofia Systems simply work

Sofia Jago:
born with API

Otello is based on Sofia Jago cloud technology, an access control system that can be easily integrated with any environment thanks to RestFul API.

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