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PropTech Perspective

Technology is changing the real estate market

A looking glass on PropTech state of art and best practices, with analysis and data

What is PropTech

PropTech is the application of information technology and platform economics to the real estate assets. This includes not only buildings, but spaces in general, from large compounds with parking lots and multi-purpose buildings, to co-living, co-working, and flexible offices.

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What can we do for you

Sofia Locks top functionalities

These are some of the native functionalities our PropTech technology provides right away

Hot desking

Support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Multi-site access control

Control any number of buldings and areas in real-time, from any device

Roles and permissions

Shape your access control system exactly like your business

NFC HyperTag

NFC powered handsfree interaction for every door

Business cases

Our access control solutions can change your business or enable you to make a new one. Browse our guides and learn more

Student houses & Co-living

New business models for real estate and ospitality


Future of business begins with the smart lock


Security, flexibility, revenuse: smart working


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