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In partnership with ISEO Serrature, more than 50 years of experience for security


Electronic Cylinder

Make every door smart

The electronic cylinder Libra is the new innovative access control system totally Made In Italy. It is the ideal solution for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings. The ergonomic shape and luminous indicator allows for a simple and user-friendly use by every kind of user.


Electronic Trim

Smart, complete, versatile

Thanks to Aries electronic trim set you can manage all the gates with cards: you bring your programming card near the reader on the trim set and you can enable or disable different users’ cards, even in different time slots. Smart and stylish, Aries easily adapts to any type of environment, from classical to modern ones.


Bluetooth Actuator

Control every kind of door

Stylos Line is a flexible modular and integrated off-line access control system. It is the ideal solution for small companies, offices and private domains. Stylos Line includes a credential reader (version with display and numeric keypad, or with Leds – available for walls or built-in assembly), actuators, power packs, cards and tags.


Electronic Security Lock

Best innovation, best security

X1R Smart is an electronic lock designed specifically for security doors. Opening and closing mechanism works thanks to a motor controlled by a microprocessor and, thanks to the internal Bluetooth module, the user can easily program x1R Smart lock with a Smartphone using the APP Iseo Argo. Power outage? No problem, you would be able to open the smart lock through your old mechanical key.

Smart Locker

Lockers security

Security and flexibility

Smart Locker can be installed on a wide range of lockers and cabinets, and it is the perfect solution for storing customers and employees properties. With the Sofia Locks systems the lockers become shared resources to be managed with the sharing economy schemes. From co-working to spaces rental by subscription or reservation formula, with Smart Locker the objects are safe and flexible resources.

Smart Relay

Bluetooth relay

For every smart custom solution

Smart Relay allows you to open electric doors, motorized gates or any electric actuator that can be activated by closing a contact. It is available with either an integrated or external BLE antenna (up to 3 meters away from the unit). Whatever your hardware, with Smart Relay you will have a smart gate, with all the features of the Sofia Locks access control.

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