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Keyless access control system with smartphone

Enterprise and professional keyless access control with smartphones and virtual credentials

Business solutions with real-time data analysis

The smartphone has become the true personal device, not only for communicating, but also for identifying and securely accessing services and accounts. These devices have been introduced into the world of access control for some years now, with more or less valid solutions and methodologies. Being able to open gates interacting with your personal device is actually just one of the many features that a professional access control system can offer. The real difference is made by native cloud solutions. We want to give you a brief but complete overview of the main features offered by an advanced solution, made for business.

User's experience

Under the general term user, there are actually several subjects with different needs, a company access control system must be able to manage them all without slowing down the operational processes. Here is a simple list:

  1. Employees: for them, the smartphone, whether personal or business, takes the place of the badge, with which employees can safely access spaces or resources
  2. Personnel: a particular class of users who may need more permits on one or more areas, or at non-standard times, according to defined security procedures
  3. Guests: users who occasionally access the facilities, even once, and must be authorized only within specific areas, and with a known deadline

Traditional solutions involve the distribution of badges with differentprogramming (sometimes even different shapes) for how many types of users the organization has to manage. A registry has to keep track of assignments, and sooner or later badges have to be returned, sometimes even temporarily for reprogramming.
In native cloud access control all users can download an App on their device , register a personal account and receive the necessary permissions in real time, wherever they are. Registration associates the account with the smartphone which actually becomes the user's personal identification token. We will see how the manager can then manage every aspect of access permissions, and much more, remotely.

What is new for the user

Once registered, the user can show up in front of the gates with his smartphone and open them, by pressing a button on the device screen, or by bringing the device closer to the gate itself. The access is keyless. The user experience is revolutionary, both in terms of operations (the whole process is managed in a very short time), and for the features available to it. We can summarize in three fundamental points how innovative a native cloud solution is for users.

  • Ubiquity: the user does not have to go to a particular location to obtain his access permits, these are delivered directly to his personal device
  • Real time: the user can immediately use spaces and resources, permits are assigned and revoked in real time, all gates are updated instantly wherever they are
  • Interactivity : as we will see later, native cloud access control is a proptech technology, which allows you to interact with the surrounding environment and offers multiple services and opportunities

Manager's experience

From the simplest organizations to those of large companies, the need to have effective tools in managing operations is transversal. Access control is one of the technologies you cannot do without for the proper conduct of business activities, and for maintaining security.
Native cloud technologies capable of supporting access via smartphone, not only integrate the traditional functionalities, but open to much broader prospects.

  1. Security: security always comes first, it is also managed with lower costs and improvements compared to traditional solutions (as will be seen in the paragraph on installation)
  2. Flexibility: traditional systems are known for their rigidity, native cloud access control revolutionizes this feature by excelling in flexibility
  3. Opportunities: like all proptech technologies, these systems allow the creation of new business models or the renewal of existing models and processes (this too will be clearer in the next paragraphs)

What is new for the manager

Regardless of the type and purpose of the organization, those responsible for managing safety and organizing internal traffic obtain a clear improvement in their daily activities. Moving from checking badges to interacting with a cloud system that manages virtual credentials and smartphones is a huge leap forward.And badges are still 100% supported.

  • Remote management: managers can control areas and buildings at any time, from any device, without restrictions
  • Roles and permissions: any organization has its structure, each manager can have his own panel with access to his control tools for the assigned areas
  • Beyond access control: a native cloud system allows smart management of spaces and resources, but also the activation of co-working, smart working, and hot desking practices

Resources management and new business

The integration of a native cloud access control with smartphone support (but also badges and PINs, all with the same flexibility) is not only a step forward for security management. Cloud technology is now recognized in all areas as enabling technology, which through virtualization allows to overcome the constraints of time and space, and to create new business opportunities.

Enterprise features

Hot desking

Support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Multi-site access control

Control any number of buldings and areas in real-time, from any device

Roles and permissions

Shape your access control system exactly like your business

NFC HyperTag

NFC powered handsfree interaction for every door

Resurces, management, and data

Thanks to these technologies it is possible to offer both spaces and resources by reservation (from meeting rooms to lockers). Users can thus reserve a resource only when it is needed, taking advantage of the benefits of smart working and sharing economy. This technology supports the paradigms of flexible work management, or realities such as coworkings.

Real-time data

Data about traffic across the spaces and the use of the resources are always updated in real time, and available to managers. In addition to offering a mean of controlling the structures, the display of aggregated data in graphs and panels allows you to analyze fundamental aspects of the business trend, identify new opportunities, and optimize operations.

Sofia Locks - Data analytics panel

No limits

Perhaps the most striking feature of cloud systems is freedom from any constraints. Adding new users, new resources, or new spaces to the controlled items is quick and easy, and does not require the presence of users or managers in the same place. All these activities are managed by secure web interfaces, accessible from any device and with the most common browsers.

Proptech and implementation

Cloud technology primarily allows you to get rid of the physical constraints of cabling. The access control systems based on this technology can be integrated on any structure, or on any number of structures, without having to rely on existing wiring or new one to be installed. This results in a substantial cut in implementation costs, both because complex work on the structures is not necessary and because the installation can be completed briefly by very small staff.

A solution that scales with the company

The addition of new areas or new buildings, even distant from a first structure, is equally simple. New gates are added with automated procedures, and the management of control permissions can be redesigned in a few clicks, adding what is needed for both managers and users. As the company grows, the new spaces are immediately safe and operational, this is Sofia Locks' proptech revolution.

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