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Modern workspaces

Intuitive, reliable, and flexible organization of tomorrow’s office spaces

The working environment is quickly changing, the organizational models are more collaborative and variable than in the past. Working groups are more agile and independent, new business models are emerging and security is even more important.

Modern offices need an intuitive, reliable and flexible organization, where users can collaborate, increase their autonomy and their performances. Design working places is crucial, nowadays space management is decisive since the traffic is spread in different buildings, which are dislocated in different geographical areas. Mobility is the answer, it is an increasing trend that is conquering every sector. Evolution has led to the launch of new business models characterized by scalable systems that grow with the firms, supporting innovation and increasing security.
The main objective of a firm is the security of the office, technology allows to better the reliability and longevity of structures and cut costs.
There are already different systems that allow to do so: better work organization, increase security and profits.

Control access allows to better the autonomy of employees and cut administrative and operative costs

Modern control access systems allow managing easily the gateways of the different locations of the firm. These are flexible systems that verify the access to business spaces, by replacing physical keys with badges and smartphones. Time is optimized and users’ management is improved, there’s no need to give physical keys and remember to collect them at the end of the business relationship. Access control improves the autonomy of employees, they can book available spaces,this lead to operative and administrative costs cuts. The system creates new access rules for every user, these can be modified or deleted in real time and they automatically expire when necessary.
Smart locks increase the security level: they register when a gateway is opened and which device has been used to do so, moreover, they are less sensitive to damage and burglars.
Sofia Locks offers the most advanced solutions, it integrates the access control with smart locks to simplify the management of spaces through smartphone or badge. It is the perfect tool to manage different keys with precise access rules.
Luckey is a scalable solution, it grows with your business and it includes all the necessary functions to coordinate the activities between companies, employees, and partners.

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