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Access control technology for building and wide areas

Streamlined and flexible proptech solution works without laying a cable

First class access control system

Next generation access control system

No limits to size or number of floors or buildings, Sofia Locks access control systems can be integrated into any space even without laying cables, or masonry work.
The cloud based technology pilots any number of smart locks in real time, managing access with smartphones (mobile credentials), with RFID cards, and with PIN.

Choose one preset bundle or combine the hardware according to your needs, and determinate where you want the credentials to be stored

Sofia Easy

Amazing functionalities with the least hardware possible

The Easy solution is just plug & play; it does not require wired systems, neither gateways, and it is based only on battery operated bluetooth locks; it is the perfect solution when smartphones are the preferred access token; it does support RFID cards and PIN as well, but such token authorisation is not updated in real time.

  • No wiring needed
  • Real-time smartphone token management
  • Opportunistic RFID and PIN management with manual updates
  • Full functionality granted when out of power and / or internet connection
  • Credentials are stored into the central cloud platform and into the lock memory in a secure area

Sofia Smart

Smart, complete, real-time, fully wireless

This type of system combines the ease of installation of the easy solution with the completeness of the standard solution: through the use of non-wired Bluetooth locks and wireless gateways, it allows complete support for RFID cards (update of authorisations and reading access data in real time remotely) as well as full support when opening via smartphone. Infinite smartphones can be authorised on each lock, while cards or PINs up to 300 per smart lock.

  • No wiring needed
  • Fully functional on-line access control without wiring
  • Smartphones, RFID cards, and PINs supported as access tokens
  • Full functionality granted when out of power and / or internet connection
  • Credential are stored into the central cloud platform and into the lock memory in a secure area

Sofia Advanced

The most advanced on-line access control system

This solution is the one that offers the most complete support for RFID cards: with a wired system for each door and through gateways that connect these entrances to the cloud system, it is possible to update the authorisations of the RFID cards in real time as well as having access information for all the gates in real time. On each lock, infinite numbers of smartphones, RFID cards and PINs can be authorized.

  • Wired on-line system
  • Real-time access authorizations with smartphone, RFID cards, and PIN
  • The system requires electricity to stay operational
  • Credential are stored into the central cloud platform and into local controllers for on-line doors

Seamless integrability

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Sofia Custom

Build the system tailored to your needs with Sofia Locks

The configurations presented on this page can be implemented in a single access control system according to the needs of the use case. For example, a Sofia Locks system can manage external entrances with wired control, common rooms with real-time wireless control, and individual offices with easy control for smartphones. Compose the perfect set for your access control needs by choosing the quality of ISEO smart locks, produced in Italy with more than 50 years of experience in the world of security.

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