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Access control panel on cloud

Internet and smartphone to empower company’s access control

Access control is a given for every company, still it is hard to get the perfect solution. Today’s technology provides innovative solutions that fit the company’s needs and seamlessly integrate with the way the company works.

Access control systems are fixed costs that can be rarely dodged, because of safety and personnel management reasons. To select the right solution for office access management, for one or even more than one company’s buildings, means to shape the work of tomorrow. Moreover every possible solution must be also evaluated for its maintenance costs, that may grow over time. All of that for getting the highest grade of safety by providing managers, employees and collaborators with a usable tool that doesn’t slow down the daily work.

Cloud access control systems cut off costs and improve safety thanks to the smartphone integrated company’s badge

Cutting edge solutions for access control can include a wide variety of functionalities. Here is a short list of what we consider to be game changing.

  • Seamless management of traditional badges and virtual badges on smartphones
  • Management of several different buildings all from a single, high available panel
  • Real time management of authorization for doors and credentials
  • Support for smartlocks, electronic activators, and gateways

Smartlocks in action are quite amazing, especially when connected to a last generation cloud system. Sofia Locks proposes cutting edge technologies that doesn’t need any intervention on doors or structures. Thanks to the cloud system, smartlocks can be placed over a space of any extension, like different floors, different buildings or even different countries, managing all these devices by one single control panel. Such systems are designed to expand as the company grows, thus they can scale from a stand alone solution to controlling hundreds of doors and users.
By choosing an online access control system, a company takes a step toward the future, toward agile and innovative business models. Virtual badges on smartphones are the real revolution here, still a reliable access control system must respond to a number of different needs, such as also supporting traditional badges for real time management.
Cutting edge access control systems also offer guest management interfaces. Short term credentials that allow guests to access authorized spaces only for a given time span.

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