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Company badges in the smartphone

New access control technologies bring company badges in the smartphone, while enhancing traditional badges

With work spaces becoming ever more innovative, enterprise access control systems must adapt by becoming more flexible and intuitive, while ensuring greater security. Modern offices deserve dedicated solutions, capable of ensuring both scalability and modularity. To facilitate the coordination of the most disparate activities, the systems must be complete and easily accessible by the larger information ecosystem.

A consequence of the evolution of the labor market is the increase in the demand for a well struck balance between flexibility and control. Management systems need to easily adapt to every building, branch, and gate, ever without neglecting safety. Monitoring access to corporate spaces is a top priority in order to prevent unauthorized access; this must be achieved without compromising on agility in modern, competitive companies. Digital innovation has profoundly changed the way we work every day, speeding up the pace, facilitating daily activities, and taking advantage of resource sharing. Access management must also keep pace. Virtual keys are the ultimate answer: versatile, flexible, and revocable in real time, they allow an agile management style of our work spaces (from offices to warehouses) and provide easy and safe access to employees and collaborators.

The company badge in the smartphone frees the company from the costs of managing keys and/or physical badges, while guaranteeing maximum autonomy and flexibility to employees and collaborators

Cloud based access control systems allow management staff to do real time monitoring of gates’ activity of company’s branches, from any device connected to the public internet. These state-of-the-art control systems are encrypted, protected against possible cloning of sensitive data, and always up-to-date. Thanks to smartlocks (electronic locks) it is possible to open the gates either by means of badges, or via smartphones, increasing employee flexibility while improving the sharing of company resources. Advanced control systems such as those offered by Sofia Locks allow real-time control of credentials assigned to one or more badges: the permissions can be updated (or revoked) at any time with immediate effect. Even the access of customers, third-party guests, and maintenance personnel is facilitated, as they can receive and use virtual keys as well, even remotely, to access the spaces for which they are authorized to.

But the real revolution is the corporate badge in the smartphone, that frees the company from the costs of keys ad/or physical badges management, while guaranteeing employees and collaborators maximum flexibility. Thanks to Luckey and Bookey by Sofia Locks, badges i the smartphones become powerful business tools for optimal resource management. Users can reserve available resources, such as meeting rooms, lockers and projectors via the smartphone, using their virtual badge.

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